Serving You to Help God’s People Thrive

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The International Growth Institute exists to help distracted Christians refocus through the Transformational Growth Plan so they can become available, useful, and thriving followers of Jesus Christ fulfilling their designed destiny.

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Healthy spiritual growth carries with it the benefit of being used of God throughout the believer’s lifetime. Churches and individuals that cooperate with God’s design will experience vitality, peace, and a power for living that outlasts themselves and grows the Church into the next generation.

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Breaking Free 2024

Breaking Free Conference DC3 Church, Punnta Gorda, Flordia
Jan. 26 & 27. Contact Dan at 910-818-4444

April 19 & 20 – DC3

Aug. 23 & 24 DC3


NEXT STEP CONFERENCE Edgewater Church, 19190 Cochran Blvd., Port Charlotte FL  33948

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Serving You To Help God's People Thrive

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