About The International Growth Institute

The International Growth Institute exists to help distracted Christians refocus through the Transformational Growth Plan so they can become available, useful, and thriving followers of Jesus Christ fulfilling their designed destiny.

Your life should standout in a crowd of distractions

Good should crush evil

Growing people grow churches and growing churches expand the Gospel

God's power in His followers ought to be clearly seen in spite of the distractions of the modern world

Your battle ought to be won

Serving you to help God's people thrive

About Dr. Stanley

 Dan Stanley is the retired senior pastor of RockFish Church which began in1994. He is the President and Founder of the International Growth Institute. He graduated from Carolina University of Theology with a Ph.D. and a Masters in Christian Counseling Psychology. He recently graduated with a second Ph.D in Church Growth. He and Jan married in 1976 and have 3 children: Nathan, Christopher, and Danica. Pastor Dan and Jan also enjoy their role as grandparents. 

Pastor Dan became the pastor of RockFish Church (then called Raeford Christian Fellowship) with a membership of approximately 35 people. RockFish Church reached 3000 members by 2018. Dr. Stanley believes churches succeed when all the members are connecting, growing, and engaging in the cause of Christ.

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Healthy spiritual growth carries with it the benefit of being used of God throughout the believer’s lifetime. Churches and individuals that cooperate with God’s design will experience vitality, peace, and a power for living that outlasts themselves and grows the Church into the next generation.

Serving You To Help God's People Thrive

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