Life By Design Podcast

The Speaker

Dan Stanley was the senior pastor of RockFish Church from 1994 until 2019. He graduated from Carolina University of Theology with a Ph.D. and a Masters in Christian Counseling Psychology. He recently graduated with a second Ph.D in Church Growth. He and Jan married in 1976 and have 3 children: Nathan, Christopher, and Danica. Jan is support staff at the church. Pastor Dan and Jan also enjoy their role as grandparents.

Pastor Dan became the pastor of RockFish Church (then called Raeford Christian Fellowship) with a membership of approximately 35 people which reached 3000 in membership by 2018. Dr. Stanley believes the Church succeeds when all the members are connecting, growing, and engaging in the cause of Christ.

Dr. Dan Stanley

Senior Pastor, RockFish Church, Retired